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   May 25, 2017
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Here to serve your prescription needs

We look forward to serving your prescription needs at Bates Pharmacy and Medical Supply. You may have your Physician contact the Pharmacy to place prescription orders by calling 509-489-4500.

Pharmacy/Store Hours
Monday through Friday: 8:00am to 7:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Closed Sunday

Reordering prescriptions
If you have filled a prescription with us in the last 12 months, you can re-order through this website. Please sign up for an account (it just takes a few moments) and then you'll be setup to re-order as needed. Click here to get started.

Ordering on someone's behalf

If you are ordering on behalf of a patient in an Adult Care Home or for a relative, you may also call the main Pharmacy phone number if you have previously ordered for that person. If you have not, please have the Physician's office call in the order for you to pick-up. Please review the Caregiver section if you have questions or would like to login.

Compliance packaging

Compliance packaging simply means that routine prescriptions are created into an easy to take package such as a blister pack. It is often critical that certain medications are taken at certain times of the day. This can become challenging when a patient must take multiple medications throughout any given day and for extended periods of time. Find out more about this valuable service offered by Bates Pharmacy.

  • Read an article about compliance packaging and how it can affect your loved ones.
  • See other key facts about compliance packaging.

Efficient and consistent customer service

At Bates, we pride ourselves on efficient, and consistent customer service. Our Pharmacists are educated and experienced, and look forward to serving you. 



 Myron Higel - Pharmacist In Charge -Retail
: BS in Biology from WSU in 1989; Pharmaceutical degree in 1993 from WSU

Philosophy of service: "Any question is a good question from our customers. As Pharmacists, it's our job to foster an understanding between our patients, their physicians, and their bodies."

Read more from Myron in an article about Compliance Packaging...



Joe Weiler- Pharmacist In Charge - Long Term Care
Education:  Doctor of Pharmacy from Washington State University in 2006.

Philosophy of Service:  "I believe Pharmacists play an integral role in providing education and information to help patients safely manage their medication.  I plan to provide services that contribute to optimal pharmaceutical care for all patients served by Bates' Pharmaceutical Services. To provide patient-centered care that optimizes medication therapy to manage health care system resources to improve therapeutic outcomes, and to promote health improvement, wellness, and disease prevention. 
I work to promote Bates' Pharmacy employees to participate as members of the health care team to ensure safe and effective medication therapy and optimal patient outcomes.  Our responsibilities include medication preparation and distribution, medication monitoring, and provision of information/tools for patients and their families to better manage their medication.




Aleksander Heyfetz - Staff Pharmacist
Doctor of Pharmacy from WSU College of Pharmacy / Bachelor of Science in Biology from UCLA.

Philosophy of Service:  As a pharmacist, I am here to provide individual help for patients to get the trust, confidence, and the necessary knowledge in dealing with their health issues including but not limited to medication therapy management, drug interactions, medical conditions, and lifestyle improvements.





Customer Care

At Bates, customer care is a top priority for us. Please take a moment to learn more about our comprehesive service offerings.
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Free Delivery Available Of Prescriptions & Medical Supplies

We offer delivery within the Spokane area directly to your door.
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