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   May 25, 2017
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Bates Pharmacy offers free regional delivery of prescriptions and medical supplies, to customers who have their routine medications setup on our Automatic Refill System.

The automatic refill system allows pharmacy staff to work with your provider(s) to synchronize all of your routine refills to be filled at the same time each month. Then the medications are delivered just once monthly (before you run out of your current supply), eliminating the need to be home/available multiple times during the month or even within a week.

There are many benefits for you if you choose automatic refills such as:


  • Promotes medication compliance for our customers (higher likelihood that you'll take your medication as prescribed and fewer chances to forget to refill)

  • Eliminates the need to phone in refill requests on routine medicationsPharmacy will obtain refills from your physician in advance of a monthly fill

  • Convenience of one delivery per month vs. having to wait around for the Bates' driver multiple times a week or month

  • Minimizes the number of phone calls to the pharmacy wondering "where are my medications?"

  • Significantly reduces the number of deliveries

  • Increased peace of mind of not being out of routine medicationsAssurance that our licensed pharmacists carefully review each prescription against your known allergies, health conditions and other medications that you may be taking

  • Will only have to make a payment (if applicable) once a month

Contact us to learn more, or sign up for "Auto-Fill" and free delivery within the greater *Spokane regional area.

*Deliveries to outlying and extended areas are subject to assigned / dedicated days of the week

  • Pharmacy: 509-489-4500
  • Medical Supplies: 509-489-7503

Customer Care

At Bates, customer care is a top priority for us. Please take a moment to learn more about our comprehesive service offerings.
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Free Delivery Available Of Prescriptions & Medical Supplies

We offer delivery within the Spokane area directly to your door.
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