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   May 25, 2017
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Assisting you in caring for others

This section provides information for caregivers who have questions, whether they are new to the field, or for those who are in an adult care home environment. 

Frequently asked questions - New Caregivers 

How do I order refills for my clients'?

  • Refills can be re-ordered  phone re-order system 489-4500, or fax the requests to 489-4527

What types of packaging are available for my clients'?

  • We offer a variety of compliance packaging to assist in proper medication administration. We have monthly blister packs, automatic refills, and other options. Unfortunately, we cannot repack medication from the VA.

Do you accept all insurance?

  • Most of them.  Please check with a pharmacy representative/billing department to verify.

Do my clients' medications have to be paid for at the time of delivery?

  • We will bill the insurance companies directly. Any co-pays or remaining balances can be billed directly to the clients or clients' POA's.

How do I know if my client's medications are being filled in the Long term care pharmacy or retail pharmacy?

  • Long term care prescription numbers start with a 1
  • Retail Prescriptions numbers start with a 2,4,or 6

Frequently asked questions - Adult Care Environments 

What happens when I receive new meds but they are not on the MAR?

  • Place a copy of the new order in your client's med book and write order on the MAR.
  • Call or fax the pharmacy with any questions regarding the new order or MAR discrepancies

What is the difference between a Cycle Med and a PRN?

  • A cycled medication is one that is taken routinely i.e. blood pressure, cholesterol etc. These medications will be cycled by the pharmacy and will come to the facility monthly prior to the start date of the cycle. Reordering by the facility is not necessary.
  • A "PRN" medication is one that is taken "as needed" for a specific condition such as pain, itch, ect. It is usually not cycled unless otherwise indicated, and is normally discontinued once the condition has been treated (except for chronic conditions). If for some reason a "PRN" needs to be refilled, you will need to reorder it one week prior to being out of medication.

If I have new orders for a client when can I expect them to arrive?

  • Same day service is available in some instances if ordered timely Monday through Saturday unless otherwise notified by pharmacy staff. Please call us if you have questions regarding delivery times.

Who do I call for ordering Durable Medical Equipment?

  • Call the medical supplies department directly @ 489-4500 and press option 2 or extension 453.

If you have other questions that haven't been addressed on this page, please contact us.

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