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   May 25, 2017
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Bates Drug Stores, Inc. currently serves the Greater Spokane area with pharmaceutical and
 supplies. We offer free delivery to your home, office, or facility. 

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Combating Drug-Resistant Bacteria

 A recent study performed by the Center for Disease Control has found that a third of the antibiotics prescribed in the United States are unnecessary. This is a very concerning finding, given the overuse of antibiotics contributes to the development of drug-resistant bacteria - a major public health concern. Bacteria are everywhere - all around us, inside of us - and they have the ability to mutate and evolve quickly. This process of evolution becomes accelerated as the bacteria come into contact with a potential destroyer. The more often an antibiotic is introduced to them, the quicker they learn how to fight it.

"Antibiotics are life-saving drugs, and if we continue down the road of inappropriate use we'll lose the most powerful tool we have to fight life-threatening infections," says CDC Directior Tom Frieden. Without antibiotics, common infections will become deadly and cancer therapies will be undermined. We will lose the ability to perform major surgeries or save burn/trauma victims. Many scientists believe we are on the cusp of this so-called post-antibiotic era', which would "plunge medicine back into the dark ages".

Health officials have been warned for decades about the consequences of overprescribing antibiotics, but this warning is starting to become very much a reality. Just last year in China, an antibiotic-resistant bacteria was discovered in patients and livestock. Its resistance has been attributed to the overuse of the antibiotic colistin ("the drug of last resort") in farm animals. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria have emerged before, but this particular discovery is even more-so alarming. The bacteria's genetic mutation was formed in such a way that its transfer rate to other strains of bacteria became "ridiculously high". This resistance gene, named the MCR-1 gene, has already spread to a range of other bacterial strains and species, including E. coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. There is evidence that MCR-1 has been found in bacteria in Laos and Malaysia. Up next, the United States? Maybe you should think twice before eating that raw cookie dough...

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